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Jose Gonzalez


12" LP

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Twenty-six-year-old Gothenburg resident Jos‚ Gonz lez makes a little go a long way. Armed with just a dextrously plucked Spanish guitar and his own warm but clipped vocals he paints intimate portraits that sound like classics from a golden singer/songwriting yesteryear. Of Argentinean descent, Gonz lez counts bossa nova and Joy Division among his influences, and sure enough, stately, quietly expansive songs like Heartbeats and Hints are equal parts Latin passion and gothic introspection. The lilting Stay In The Shade, meanwhile, sounds like a luminous Nick Drake outtake. No mean achievement.


Don't let the name fool you; singer/songwriter José González is a Swedish-born and -raised son of Argentine parents. His debut album, Veneer, is a striking collection of hushed and autumnal indie pop bedroom songs that reside on the hi-fi end of the lo-fi spectrum. González is definitely a member of the "quiet is the new loud" school as founded by Elliott Smith and the Kings of Convenience. Veneer is about as intimate as they come; it sounds like he is sitting right on the end of your bed singing just for you. At times, González is a little more forceful than most of his schoolmates, often working himself into a tightly spinning ball of emotion (as on the driving "Lovestain" and the bluesy "Hints"). At these moments his voice is reminiscent of Mark Kozelek, only without the wild flights of pretension. Mostly though, he is content to cruise along on mellow vocals double-tracked behind gently plucked and strummed acoustic guitars. The beautiful "Heartbeats," "Deadweight on Velveteen," and the gently rollicking "Stay in the Shade" are the high watermarks of a remarkably focused and promising debut. González is a welcome addition to the q-school of indie pop.

Additional Information

Artist Jose Gonzalez
Track Listing 1 Slow Moves - 2:52 2 Remain - 3:45 3 Lovestain - 2:17 4 Heartbeats - 2:40 5 Crosses - 2:42 6 Deadweight on Velveteen - 3:26 7 All You Deliver - 2:20 8 Stay in the Shade - 2:22 9 Hints - 3:52 10 Save Your Day - 2:30 11 Broken Arrows - 1:58

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