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Living is Pontiak's fifth album and was recorded in the band's farm house studio in Virginia over a four month period. In the era of single song downloads, Pontiak have created a record meant to be heard in sequence in its entirety. Living is connected to their previous recordings by the brothers' affection for a thick as molasses guitar sound and a heavy bass, that holds sway over the album creating some delicious sludge. LP version is pressed on 150 gram translucent gold vinyl and presented in a gatefold LP jacket with free MP3 download coupon. The LP is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.


Still pumping out the jams consistently, the Carney brothers (Van, Lain, and Jennings) released their fifth album in two years. Like Maker and Sea Voids, it was recorded free from the distractions of city life in their Virginia farm studio. In a turn from the trio’s earlier recordings, which were primarily churned out from first-take jams, Living took more than four months to create. At first listen, there’s not a noticeable difference. The production is unchanged. Any overdubbing is subtle, and everything has a live, loose, and organic vibe. However, there is a change in the group’s approach. As an album designed to be experienced in its entirety, Living has more dynamic ebbs and flows, and the highs and lows take shape more gradually. Alongside the expectedly powerful grunge instrumentals, there are the ominous drone tracks "Original Vestal" and "Second Sun." Take it down another notch, and “Algiers by Day” and “This Is Living” are languid Queens of the Stone Age-esque fuzz-bass grooves with steamy monotone vocals. At their most mellow, the Carneys ease into some acoustic singalongs. “Forms of The” is practically a (gasp!) Grateful Dead ballad. Don’t worry, though. The barnyard-nature music is a nice off-ramp detour, and there are still enough stoner rock guitars and plodding rhythms to keep your inner highway headbanger satisfied.

Additional Information

Artist Pontiak
Track Listing 1 Young - 2:44 2 Original Vestal - 1:35 3 Algiers by Day - 4:11 4 And by Night - 4:01 5 Second Sun - 3:14 6 Beach - 3:09 7 Lemon Lady - 3:45 8 This Is Living - 2:51 9 Pacific - 6:00 10 Forms of The - 2:12 11 Thousand Citrus - 4:03 12 Virgin Guest - 4:21

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