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Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too

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Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too

12" LP

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Here it is. The fifth full-length by Austin s Sunset. This
is the culmination of the past two years worth of LPs
by the prolific Bill Baird. As noted by Ned Raggett of
All Music Guide, Sunset s music is somehow perfectly
suited for a time when fidelity itself can range from
Surround Sound 5.1 precision to the tinniest of MP3 bit
rates. A perfect blend of lo-fi aesthetics and heavy
hi-fidelity pop, with a high integrity of songwriting,
Sunset s Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too is a
densely layered and gorgeous work of brooding pop-folk
beauty that rewards multiple listens.


Bill Baird's evident love for the Beach Boys in mid- to late-'60s mode comes to the fore right at the start of Loveshines thanks to the echoed piano and soft harmonies of "Heavy Light," but in keeping with his approach in general it's less about re-creation than sometimes subtle variation -- if Brian Wilson could have thought up the general approach, the moodier singing and guitar parts might not have been fully to his taste. From there Baird and Sunset continue through another enjoyable album showing the Austin group playing through a baker's dozen songs, playing as ever with his evident delight in rich-sounding pop from both the '60s and '70s and, indirectly, from earlier times, in the same way that Mercury Rev's See You on the Other Side was at once a 1970s album, a 1990s album, and a 1930s album. While the extra orchestration is something that Sunset have worked with before plenty of times, it seems to be even more of a focus on Loveshines, with the more extreme or ragged edges of the band moving more toward Baird's solo work and other efforts. The blended singing on "Late Night Dawning" set against piano and strings, all heavily tinged with reverb and directly flowing into the lovely instrumental "Early Morning," and the cascading piano break on "The Past Won't Forget Me" -- a strangely appropriate title, in its own way -- are among the lovely highlights of the not-quite-the-present approach. But moments like the shimmering, distant guitar arc helping to close "Dusty Diamonds" show that it's not simply pining for something that never was so much as recombining to present something new within familiar realms.

Additional Information

Artist Sunset
Track Listing 1 Heavy Light - 5:00 2 Loveshines - 3:34 3 Lunar Eyes - 3:37 4 Late Night Dawning - 2:55 5 Early Morning - 3:44 6 Dusty Diamonds - 5:39 7 Loveshines II - 3:16 8 The Moon Is Shining Too - 2:24 9 Moonlight - 4:00 10 The Past Won't Forget Me - 3:00 11 Slow Motion Silver Skies - 3:06 12 Loveshines III - 4:16 13 Your Soul Glows in the Dark - 4:04

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