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Team Boo

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Mates Of State

Team Boo

12" LP

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Mates of State are the husband-wife duo of Kori Gardner on keys of various types and Jason Hammel on drums and occasional keys as well. They both sing with innocent gusto, and their charming voices remind one of wonderful indie pop bands like Papas Fritas and Butterglory in the way they intertwine and twist with naïve fervor. They sound like real people singing about real things, and that is kind of exciting. And they don't use guitars of any kind. And you don't miss them either! Team Boo is the band's fullest sounding, most energy-filled record yet. The duo called in Jim Eno of Spoon and John Croslin, who has worked with Spoon also as well as Beulah and the Mates on their first disc, to produce. Together they have concocted a record that leaps out of the speakers with a feeling of manic joy and excitement. Songs like "Fluke," "Ha Ha," and "Gotta Get a Problem" dance with the energy of kids and reel with the flush of first love. Every now and then the record slows down the pace and deals with heavier issues like on the stately "Parachutes (Funeral Song)" or "An Experiment," but even these songs are blessed with killer hooks and Gardner's and Hammel's angelic vocals. Team Boo is a record that will make even the staunchest nonbelievers believe in the power of simply played, honest, and energetic pop music again. Listening to Mates of State will clear out any gloom that may be in your system in a flash and replace it with pure sunshine. Heck, Team Boo could be the most innocent, charming, and believable record of 2003.

Additional Information

Artist Mates Of State
Track Listing 1 Ha Ha - 2:59 2 Whiner's Bio - 2:32 3 Fluke - 2:48 4 Open Book - 3:39 5 Middle Is Gold - 4:24 6 The Kiss Away - 3:39 7 Gotta Get a Problem - 2:42 8 Parachutes (Funeral Song) - 3:47 9 An Experiment - 4:15 10 Sound It Off - 3:24 11 I Got This Feelin' - 3:07 12 Separate the People - 2:54

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