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Slideshow Effect

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Slideshow Effect

12" LP

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Quick Overview

The Slideshow Effect, Memoryhouse's full-length follow up to 2011's The Years EP, finds the band heading toward a new clarity in composition and sound; a more organic direction for artists who are, in their own words, transitioning from a "bedroom recording project" into a fully realized band. They half-seriously refer to their new sound as "Taylor Swift with Built to Spill as her backing band." However The Slideshow Effect might be described, we at Sub Pop truly love it. The album was produced by Abeele, with assistance from friend, collaborator, and bassist Barzin Hassani Rad.


The Slideshow Effect refers to a technique that documentary filmmakers use when they zoom in on or pan across still images to add a sense of movement, and it's an apt title for Memoryhouse's debut album. Not just because the group has incorporated film and filmic visuals into their music since the beginning, but because they've zoomed in on a few key elements of their sound. On their early EPs, Memoryhouse decorated their songs with a dreamy ambience that only added to their wistfulness, but here their songs are laid bare, focusing on Denise Nouvion's voice and lyrics and an indie rock sound tinged with an alt-country twang. It's to the band's credit that they didn't just repackage their previously released work for their first album, and in some ways this new approach is more unique, since it seemed that virtually every other band in the early 2010s was a dreamy ambient pop project recorded in someone's bedroom. "Bonfire" sounds just like its title, adding a coziness that warms up the album, while "Old Haunts"' spacey drift acts as a logical bridge between the band's old and new approaches. "Walk with Me" captures what it's like to be alone with someone late at night, feeling like the only two people in the world, before it picks up into fuzzy indie rock, a sound Memoryhouse explores further on "The Kids Were Wrong" and "All Our Wonder," both of which will likely thrill anyone longing for Rilo Kiley's early days.

Additional Information

Artist Memoryhouse
Track Listing 1 Little Expressionless Animals - 3:20 2 The Kids Were Wrong - 4:10 3 All Our Wonder - 4:49 4 Punctum - 3:18 5 Heirloom - 5:00 6 Bonfire - 5:30 7 Pale Blue - 3:09 8 Walk with Me - 4:41 9 Kinds of Light - 3:58 10 Old Haunts - 4:35

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