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MGMT are back with their self-titled third studio album. The successor to 2008's Oracular Spectacular and 2010 s Congratulations, MGMT finds Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser continuing to push themselves to expand the boundaries of modern pop music. Returning to Tarbox Road Studios to work with longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann (Co-producer and mixer of Oracular Spectacular and Congratulations, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala), Andrew and Ben experimented with various in-studio writing processes, allowing the music to tell them where it wanted to go. The result is a diverse and powerful collection of 10 songs (including a cover of "Introspection" by 1960's psych band Faine Jade) that directly mirrors the duo's encompassing surrealist view of the everyday


Psychedelic rockers MGMT follow up 2010's Congratulations with their self-titled third album. Produced by Dave Fridmann, whom the band worked with on 2008's Oracular Spectacular, and including the single "Your Life Is a Lie," MGMT is both experimental and catchy, striking a fine balance between the sound of their previous two records.

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Artist MGMT
Track Listing 1 Alien Days - 5:09 2 Cool Song No. 2 - 4:01 3 Mystery Disease - 4:08 4 Introspection - 4:22 5 Your Life Is a Lie - 2:06 6 A Good Sadness - 4:48 7 Astro-Mancy - 5:11 8 I Love You Too, Death - 5:50 9 Plenty of Girls in the Sea - 3:04 10 An Orphan of Fortune - 5:31

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