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Microminiature Love

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Michael Yonkers

Microminiature Love

12" LP

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Originally recorded in 1968 and slated for release on Sire, this record languished until unearthed and released in a limited pressing on vinyl last year by Destijl Records. Its creator, Michael Yonkers, is a legendary figure of Minneapolis music-lore who modified his own guitars and effects. These songs defy categorization, but you'll hear shades of Pere Ubu, the howl of Iggy, the blunt primitivism of the Godz, and the seeds of countless other underground heroes. The original seven songs are accompanied by six bonus tracks, circa 1968. Yonkers still resides in Minneapolis and has recently played shows with Wolf Eyes, Six Organs Of Admittance, and Low.


Playing the brilliantly askew eccentric has been a part of pop music's marketing shtick for so long that encountering the real deal can be downright jarring. A cursory listen to this long-lost album by obscure Twin Cities cult musician Michael Yonkers can inspire comparisons to artists as disparate as Pere Ubu, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth. In fact, the then-precocious Minnesota teen cut it back in 1968 for an eventually tabled major label release in an era when the Fugs and Mothers were being hailed as rock's avant garde, yet now sound almost quaint next to Yonkers's prescient, angular minimalism. Backed by the most elemental of drum/bass rhythm section, his quavering, yet insistent voice becomes enmeshed with hypnotically droning guitar (its unsettling tone the result of an oddball, accidental open tuning) and primitive, electro-shred effects on political and emotional excursions that are more ranting tone-poems than traditional songs. The album's original seven tracks are augmented by six bonus tracks (literal basement recordings from 1969) that are even more experimentally raw and riveting.

Additional Information

Artist Michael Yonkers
Track Listing 1 Jasontown - 2:41 2 Microminiature Love - 3:02 3 Boy in the Sandbox - 3:45 4 Smile Awhile - 4:25 5 Returning - 3:50 6 Puppeting - 3:07 7 Kill the Enemy - 3:39

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