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Glowing Mouth

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Glowing Mouth

12" LP

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Quick Overview

New York was wearing on Kyle Wilson, lead singer & songwriter for the Brooklyn-based quintet Milagres. So he took off, away from the city and his band and his issues... all the way to the coldest, most remote part of British Columbia where he could get some space and breathe. As so often happens in life, he got a little more space than he bargained for during a rock climbing trip he fell and ended up spending months bedridden with a back injury. Before he left New York, Wilson had thought he might leave the band behind entirely. But during the long days of his recovery he found himself writing songs again, and he realized he wanted to go back. Upon his return to NYC, Wilson drafted Fraser McCulloch (bass, backing vocals, keys) into his new vision of Milagres, sharing with him the arrangements that he dreamt of while recovering from his injury. These demos were then refined with the addition of Eric Schwortz (guitar, backing vocals, percussion), Chris Brazee (piano/keys) and Steven Leventhal (drums, percussion), evolving into what would become the new group's first LP, Glowing Mouth. The musical scope of the album is big and due to the piano-based melodies and soaring falsettos, early press has compared the band to artists as diverse as Grizzly Bear and Prince, demonstrating the wide breadth of Milagres material. The first single, ''Glowing Mouth'', is a slow-burner made for dancing close on a hot summer night, whereas ''Here To Stay'' has a keyboard hook that won't let you sleep. Kyle Wilson has a knack for writing dreamy story songs that also pack a punch in both chorus and melody. Songs like ''Gentle Beast'' and ''Gone'' suck you in and then haunt you for days afterwards. Glowing Mouth is an album that stays with you.


Following 2008's Seven Summits and vocalist Kyle Wilson's climbing accident, Milagres returned to the studio for 2012's Glowing Mouth. The record is what one might expect from a quintet of Brooklynites wearing flannels and beards: warm, lush harmonies, acoustic guitars, and thick production that many bands with a bear, horse, or deer in their name share. The problem is, because Glowing Mouth sounds like an imitation of a trend that broke five years earlier, it has a "been there, done that," Brooklyn-by-numbers sort of feel. All that said, there's no ignoring the infectious, soaring melodies, especially in the leadoff tracks, "Halfway" and "Here to Stay." The music of Wilson and his cohorts is as catchy as can be, and well orchestrated in a way that it fits right in with the polite, chamber pop/indie folk tastes of NPR listeners and Paste readers (wholesome enough, in fact, that several music publications found it convenient to throw around Coldplay comparisons at the time of the release). Simply put, there is nothing in particular to love or hate about the band's formula of pop. It's just nice.

Additional Information

Artist Milagres
Track Listing 1 Halfway - 3:54 2 Here to Stay - 3:09 3 Glowing Mouth - 6:28 4 Gentle Beast - 3:55 5 Lost in the Dark - 3:20 6 Fright of Thee - 3:07 7 Moon on the Sea's Gate - 4:13 8 Gone - 3:09 9 For Disposal - 4:52 10 To Be Imagined - 4:06 11 Doubted - 4:15

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