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Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp

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Public Enemy

Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp

12" LP

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Quick Overview

25 years is a long journey in any artists career, especially a recording group even more incredible in the genre of RAP music and HipHop. Public Enemy releases the first of two highly anticipated albums in 2012 with Most Of My Heroes STILL Don't Appear On NO Stamp, a explosive musical lyrical statement to the Planet Earth. 11 tracks laden with the sonic and word fury this group has been known for. Complete with interludes saluting the rebels of freedom,directly spoken over beats to tie it all together. CHUCK D, FLAVOR FLAV, DJ LORD, PROFESSOR GRIFF the baNNed and S1WS all contribute in a big, necessary way. RUN TILL ITS DARK,GET UP STAND UP, CATCH THE THROWN and the single and video I SHALL NOT BE MOVED speak volumes by their titles alone. It's a new sound with the CLASSIC Bomb Squad like assembly approach with contributors like ZTRIP, LARGE PROFESSOR, BUMPY KNUCKLES, with BROTHER ALI, CORMEGA, and Hall Of Famer DMC and others. The first NEW studio album since 2007,Public Enemy planned 2012 to be a unique recording output of sight and sound after the result of listening and watching these past 5 years. A must millennium anthem for the music masses galore


Its title hearkens back to a line in Public Enemy's incendiary 1989 anthem "Fight the Power," recalling the band's glory days but cutting deeper, exposing an ugly truth: 20-plus years and a black president in the White House later, things still haven't changed all that much in America. That lingering inequality nags at Chuck D throughout Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp, PE's twelfth album and their first released after the election of Barack Obama, a development that would perhaps seem to the casual observer a vindication of everything Public Enemy represents -- famously, the Obamas' first date was at a showing of Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" where "Fight the Power" plays a crucial role -- but Public Enemy seems angrier than ever here. And deservedly so, as so much of what PE stands for -- sonically, politically, culturally -- is submerged in 2012, obscured by a marginalization of radicalization and imagination. Public Enemy fights against the dying light of Black Power and counterculture throughout Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp, the phrase not only providing a title but a motif (it appears repeatedly throughout the record's 11 songs), the band deliberately evoking their past by sampling earlier records and tossing off allusions to older lyrics, staying true to the template created by the Bomb Squad in the late '80s yet avoiding a meticulous re-creation of that sonic onslaught. The music here isn't as dense as It Takes a Nation of Millions or Fear of a Black Planet -- it's nimble and spare, a steely reduction of the J.B.'s relentless groove, augmented by cacophonic flourishes of guitar and white noise. It's all the better to push the spotlight onto Chuck D, who is in full-blown preacher/teacher mode here, intent on tying the past into the present and doing a pretty effective job, too. Chuck doesn't much care if he comes across as an indignant professor here, and that's part of the charm of not just this, but all latter-day Public Enemy: this is the sound of true believers who give not a damn about fashion, they remain true to the sounds and sensibilities they laid out back in the late '80s. And the music remains vital and vibrant, possibly because, despite some progress, things still haven't changed all that much and, in some respects, have gotten worse...and as long as Public Enemy's heroes remain consigned to the margins, they'll still make music as dynamic as this.

Additional Information

Artist Public Enemy
Track Listing 1 Run Till It's Dark - 3:15 2 Get Up Stand Up/...Don't Appear On No Stamps, Pt. 1 - 5:03 3 Most of My Heroes Still... - 3:29 4 I Shall Not Be Moved - 5:21 5 Get It In - 3:08 6 Hoovermusic/...Don't Appear On No Stamps, Pt. 2 - 3:57 7 Catch the Thrown - 4:24 8 RLTK - 4:34 9 Truth Decay/...Don't Appear on No Stamps, Pt. 3 - 4:10 10 Fassfood - 4:02 11 WTF?!/...Don't Appear on No Stamps, Pt. 4 - 6:22

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