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Old Punch Card

Sam Prekop

Old Punch Card

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Sam Prekop is known to most as the singer and songwriter of The Sea and Cake. He is a painter of some renown, a photographer and in addition he has released two solo albums of pop songs infused with his own blend of African and Brazilian guitar rhythms. Old Punch Card, his first solo effort since 2005, takes a dramatically unexpected turn away from either of these paths. Taking inspiration from early music concrete and electronic music, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Nuno Canavarro, Raymond Scott, David Behrman, and free improvisation, Old Punch Card is a beautifully noisy, jagged yet stately album of synthesizer music. The ideas and implementation of Old Punch Card (the album title alluding to the electronic, faintly mechanic origins of the music) were the result of an entirely new challenge: to do something completely different from anything else he's ever created. To facilitate this end, Prekop implemented a series of strict guidelines for the recording of the album. No vocals, no guitar (though he slipped in this regard on one track), and no beats.


A departure from his two previous solo albums, the Sea and Cake frontman Sam Prekop takes a break from quietly jazzy indie pop on his third solo outing, Old Punch Card, which finds Prekop moving in a more experimental, electronic direction. Sparse and textural, the album drifts back and forth between ambient melodies and static-filled soundscapes, falling somewhere between Animal Collective’s Campfire Songs and the works of Nuno Canavarro. Glitchy, unnatural sounds collide with soothing synth tones, feeling as if some kind of alien intelligence is trying to communicate something to listeners in a musical language they can’t understand, making the songs both soothing and enigmatic. While there is very little in the way of structure here, Old Punch Card seldom feels aimless. Despite the lack of beats, the songs propel themselves forward through Prekop’s lonely sonic plains, quietly condensing before dissipating into nothingness, with the silence between songs creating the illusion of structure. As an experimental piece of electronic music, Old Punch Card is an engaging and soothing album that will reward the open-minded and baffle anyone who expected the album to carry on in vein of his previous, more Sea and Cake-like efforts.

Additional Information

Artist Sam Prekop
Track Listing 1 Old Punch Card - 4:04 2 Array Wicket - 5:12 3 Knitting Needles - 1:53 4 Brambles - 3:49 5 Tell Work - 4:04 6 November Septermber - 6:20 7 A Places - 6:17 8 Lazy House - 4:00 9 The Silhouettes - 5:06

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