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Play Rock Music

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Play Rock Music

12" LP

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This past spring, the band, joined by Grammy-nominated producer Chris Frenchie Smith entered an Austin recording studio with a clean slate. The songs on 'Play.Rock.Music.' are some of the best the Toadies have ever released. The trademarks of the band are all present Lewis howl, the chugging guitars, the unrepentant angst but they're also improved upon. Without question, it is: With the band's second successful stint now having lasted almost as long as the initial run, 'Play.Rock.Music.' shows off a band in full stride, an outfit with renewed vigor and, perhaps most important, a group with a clear and confident understanding of itself.


Only the second collection of new material since the Toadies went indie in the late 2000s (2010's Feeler was a revival of an album lost in the battles with their major), Play. Rock. Music. finds the Toadies in lean fighting form, sticking to their signatures but articulating them with clarity and muscle. One of the striking things about Play. Rock. Music. is how big and bright it sounds, its riffs almost sparkling in the Texas sunlight, the clarity offering an effective distraction from the band's lingering dark lyrical obsessions. This dichotomy provides some welcome drama but the chief appeal of Play. Rock. Music. comes from those gargantuan guitars and the Toadies' clean and efficient attack, both of which are showcased better here than they have been in a long time.

Additional Information

Artist Toadies
Track Listing 1 Rattler's Revival - 3:09 2 Get Low - 3:14 3 Summer of the Strange - 3:39 4 Magic Bullet - 3:49 5 Beside You - 4:23 6 Animals - 4:39 7 Sunshine - 4:21 8 Laments of a Good Man - 4:17 9 Epic Castles - 3:21 10 We Burned the City Down - 2:54 11 The Appeal - 6:13

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