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Post-Global Music

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Post-Global Music

12" LP

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180 Grams of really great shit. International remix artists remake and remodel the artist formerly known as M.


Dave Pajo, instrumentalist extraordinaire, has churned out a classic. An erstwhile member or performer with such luminaries in post-mod rock as Slint, Tortoise, Stereolab, Palace and King Kong, Pajo has a formidable cv. With this outing, he proves his value to each of the above-mentioned and also carves his own specific niche in the music pantheon. "Post-Global" is an ambient journey, without the typical schmaltz that seems to accompany many recordings falling under that banner. Specifically, Pajo's hard-edged rock guitar is cleverly maintained within the buttery landscapes created by remixers Food, Bundy, Flacco and Tied and Tickle Trio. His uncompromising compositional skills shine throughout each track; making us aware through them of the numerous music influences Pajo brings to this recording. Although some have decried Pajo's music as "anti-fundamentalist tripe," and posited him as an "analog heretic; another angry young turk" overall Pajo seems unfazed.

Additional Information

Artist Aerial-M
Track Listing 1. Wedding 3 Mix Flacc 2. Wedding Song Remix Tied + Tickled Trio 3. Wedding Song No. 3 Remix DJ Your Food 4. Attention Span Deficit Disorder Disruption; a journey wherein the Cheech Wizard seeks the gateway out of the world of red dust and learns that running between the raindrops won't save you from the Cho

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