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Abe Vigoda


12" LP

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Quick Overview

The follow-up to 2008's "Skeleton" is a new five song EP. "Reviver" slows the mood of "Skeleton" and crashes over your senses, getting more experimental but oddly more catchy.


After releasing the impressive and promising Skeleton in summer of 2008, the L.A. band Abe Vigoda doesn't change much on the stopgap Reviver EP they released in early 2009. They still hit a sweet spot between the noise pop, experimental rock, and tropical-inspired indie rock that Animal Collective once called home. They still manage to barely corral their wildness and make inspired and exciting songs instead of unleashing an out of control hot mess. If anything, the four original songs on the record are a touch more accessible and melodic than anything from the album, with the insistent "House" and tumbling "The Reaper" having actual hooks that will stick after only one listen. The originals are so strong that the dirge-like cover of Stevie Nicks "'Wild Heart" seems unnecessary, and maybe even a little ill-advised. It sounds like a stunt cover that they could pull out at a live show, not something they needed to devote six precious minutes of airtime to. Still, if you were captured by Skeleton and found its synthesis of styles and sounds thrilling, you'll definitely want to get a hold of Reviver, too. It's just as good.

Additional Information

Artist Abe Vigoda
Track Listing 1 Don't Lie - 2:55 2 House - 4:06 3 Endless Sleeper - 1:45 4 Wild Heart - 5:42 5 The Reaper - 4:46

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