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He Thinks He's People

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Rob Crow

He Thinks He's People

12" LP

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More dynamic and eclectic than its predecessor, He Thinks He's People marries Pinback frontman Rob Crow's penchant for drawing inspiration from a variety of genres with an uncanny ability to create a subtle, relaxing mood throughout. This is likely attributed to his remarkable voice, a trademark that has helped make Pinback an institution for the past decade. The ease and sincerity with which he delivers lines as wrought as "Sometimes, just hope is the trap" or playfully revels in the morbid demise of people who talk on their cell phones during movies is what make Crow truly one-of-a-kind,


As Rob Crow has continued to make music over the years it's a gentle delight to realize how distinct a voice, literal and referring to his work as a whole, he's been able to create -- there's always something steady and ultimately sweet (however sour a lyric might be) in both Pinback and his solo efforts, a sweet clarity and structure that appeals without trying to beat over the head or be randomly frenetic or sloppy (though "Build" certainly comes close to that in its nervous quaver and quick guitar scrapes and beats, skating close to the edge but never quite going over it). Otherwise, He Thinks He's People continues this admirable path, "Sophistructure" feeling like it emerged with every part in perfect place down to the sudden chorused vocals. From there it's almost one high point after another, whether it's the to-die-for spotlight chorus on "So Way" melting into the waggish tale of "Locking Seth Putnam in Hot Topic," the latter a bit of slick dance-rock crunch refigured in Crow's style, or the quiet, almost barely there "Unstable," a soft touch of electric guitar and a whisper of a voice for its first half before turning into a bolder declaration of feelings. Crow's knack for creating something that feels trancelike as much as it is pop, whether driven by keyboards, guitar, vocals, or a particular combination of them, is constantly evident, from the steady flow of "Scalped" to the fuller power pop kick of "Prepare to Be Mined," especially on its treat of a chorus. Even songs as simple in approach as "This Thread" and "Purpose," only acoustic guitars and singing, have an obsessively intense feeling that's never oppressive, a realization of the beauty in focus and precision.

Additional Information

Artist Rob Crow
Track Listing 1 Sophistructure - 2:45 2 Scalped - 3:21 3 This Thread - 2:56 4 Tranked - 3:25 5 Prepare to Be Mined - 3:12 6 Build - 1:23 7 Pat's Cabs - 1:04 8 So Way - 2:56 9 Locking Seth Putnam in Hot Topic - 2:37 10 Purpose - 2:32 11 I'd Like to Be There - 2:10 12 Unstable - 1:46 13 Hangnailed - 3:17

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