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Leave it up to math-rock geniuses Polvo to name a CD Shapes. What better way to describe the boundaries of music that these lads are always pushing against? "El Rocio" finds the band actually redefining itself with a blissful meandering melody line that's not interrupted by their characteristic pummeling and punctuations. "Rock Post Rock" is an exploration of stringed references, from Ravi Shankar to Ry Cooder, Jimi Hendrix to the southern guitar rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd. "Enemy Insects" is classic Polvo, with its abrupt attacks serving as quotations around the melody. Shapes closes with "Lantern" a beautifully atmospheric piece that essentially does not repeat itself. In other words, it's so open-ended, it has no shape.


Succinctly, Shapes is a fascinating record that takes great liberties with rock-n-roll. They combine fuzzed-out blasts ala Blue Cheer with quasi-psychedelic twanging and droning. Being rock dogs more than a little trippy, the unsuspecting listener is liable to be derailed and require debriefing from a Polvo-handler before feeling safe around multi-instrumental rock albums again. Polvo (now defunct) has often shared the stage with Sonic Youth. There is more than a passing resemblance, at times, but Polvo retains more consistent cohesion and turns tighter corners, too. Does that make them a better band or a more unpredictable one? I say predicting that Polvo will be looked on as one of the better bands of the 90s is a safe bet.

Additional Information

Artist Polvo
Track Listing 1 Enemy Insects - 6:14 2 The Fighting Kites - 1:31 3 Rock Post Rock - 4:11 4 The Golden Ladder - 3:04 5 Downtown Dedication - 3:39 6 Pulchritude - 1:46 7 Twenty White Tents - 5:14 8 Everything in Flames - 3:28 9 D.D. (S.R.) - 4:54 10 El Rocio - 12:41 11 Lantern - 3:23

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