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Shy Pursuit

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Spinto Band

Shy Pursuit

12" LP

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Quick Overview

Wilmington Delaware's homegrown pop outfit has returned. After spending the last couple of years constructing, installing, and setting up a coffee pot in a new studio in their hometown, The Spinto Band is ready to offer up the fruit of their labors. Since 2009, the band has been operating out of their own home base, titled The Garden Center, where they have made music, hosted concerts and events, and operated an office for their new label Spintonic Productions.

The fruit of all this is Shy Pursuit, the third worldwide LP released by the band and a return to the self bridled means that made the Spinto Band fall in love with music. It started as a bunch of teenagers in a basement stamping cassette tapes mixed off an inherited 4 track and evolved into a bunch of dudes stamping envelopes containing LPs mixed from multitrack recording software. With the release of Shy Pursuit, the Spinto Band has embraced self-sustenance. The boys built a new studio from parts of salvaged university engineering labs and a lot of craigslist purchases in Wilmington's back alleys. Writing, producing, and mixing Shy Pursuit at the Garden Center, allowed the band to create the album with only one approach in mind- their own. Shy Pursuit was born from months of guitar overdubs, Casio sound collecting, amplifier building, coffee runs, and Bomberman recesses.


It's always a little startling to realize just how long the Spinto Band have been at it -- Shy Pursuit came out one year after the band's 15th anniversary -- but it's that sense of keeping on over time that seems to have kept the group's merry focus in place, a kind of rushed energy that parallels any number of indie rock fellow travelers without exactly resembling anyone else in particular. So a song like Shy Pursuit's "Muesli" could call to mind bands like Los Campesinos!, Vampire Weekend, and even a bit of Animal Collective, yet at the same time the complicated sunniness of the song, with its bit of brisk hyperactive rhythm section and sweet singing that almost becomes yodeling, exists in its own enjoyable universe. If anything, that genteel but enjoyable vocal approach is the hook throughout the album, giving the bandmembers plenty of opportunities to explore here and there as they choose -- it makes a song like "Take It" turn from being a near four-to-the-floor stomp into their version of an arena rock epic, always breezy and never pointlessly overbearing. If there's another secret weapon as such, it's in the breaks and beats throughout, evident from the opening "Cookie Falls," where the drums cut out and return in moments of on-the-nose precision. "Keep Them Alive" really kicks into a cheery theme song mode from the start before shifting into hyperactive stop-starts in the music, vocals going "If I could scare you first" over almost nothing, then building back up to a fun conclusion, while "Out of It" does a bit with similar loud/quiet contrasts, a reapplication of older alt-rock moves to newer structures -- and very nicely done at that.

Additional Information

Artist Spinto Band
Track Listing 1 Cookie Falls - 2:53 2 Muesli - 3:36 3 Take It - 3:25 4 Jackhammer - 2:27 5 Leave Yourself Alone - 3:02 6 Ada Lee - 3:52 7 Keep Them Alive - 2:51 8 Father's Office - 2:51 9 Out of It - 3:19 10 The Living Things - 3:07

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