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So You Are...So You'll Be

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White Hills

So You Are...So You'll Be

12" LP

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Brooklyn-based cosmic trio White Hills' heavy-riffing space rock was birthed out of Hawkwind's galactic loneliness and knocked off course somewhere by a meteor inhabited by spasmodic guitar soloing aliens. Growing through a stream of near-constant releases, White Hills' internal weirdness and propensity toward noise has escalated, bringing them to So You Are... So You'll Be. Technically speaking, SYASYB is their seventh studio album, recorded with Swans/Sonic Youth producer Martin Bisi at the same studio where they cut their bludgeoning 2012 set Frying on This Rock. After opening with "InWords," a 25-second track of scattered and goofy digital noise, the band explodes into "In Your Room," a primal blast of effected vocals and space-brained sub-metal grooves. The song is a type of announcement, as its nerdy sci-fi tendencies are more Alice Donut than Amon Düül and its brash distortion tones and paranoid rhythms are more Butthole Surfers than Les Rallizes Dénudés. Bursts of oddball synthesizer noise pop up throughout the album as well, providing bridges to and from Dave W.'s relentlessly shredding guitar work on "Forever in Space (Enlightened)" and "Rare Upon the Earth." The sound collage ambience that opens "The Internal Monologue" offers another shade to the band's vast palette of interstellar sounds, tempering some of the more confrontational moments of the album with literal spaciousness, though gurgling synth bubbles are just below the surface of this tune as well. So You Are... So You'll Be sees White Hills getting progressively tighter and deeper into their own breed of high-energy space rock, but also sounds more confident in its weirdness and accentuated noisiness. Between the airless coldness of lunar ambience and the waving freak flag of their most high-power jams, White Hills' voice becomes more defined and more deliberate on this set of songs.


New York space rock trio White Hills are the opposite of a comet. They suck up an explosion of energy on the surface of the Earth; from the history of amplified rock music, from the weather, from spirituality, from adrenaline, from the history of synthesized electronic music, from substance use, from philosophy, from friends and enemies alike, from mother f%*king electricity, and they focus it into a blinding beam of energy which they reflect back out into the void. And this beam is a message. It is a statement which reads: F%*k you. We are here. We rock, therefore we are. August sees the release of their seventh full-length studio album, which is entitled So You Are... So You ll Be. Featuring Dave W on guitars, synthesizer and vocals, Ego Sensation on bass, synthesizer and vocals, and Nick Name on drums, this is their most concentrated blast of psychedelic interstellar rock to date. The band also appears in Jim Jarmusch s upcoming film Only Lovers Left Alive, which premiered at Cannes earlier this year, alongside Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska, and John Hurt. The LP is a blazing totem of rock & roll empowerment and will to power achievement, as if overseen by the spirit of Nietzsche wearing leather trousers, mirror shades, a well fitted Cuban shirt and wielding a Flying V. Building on the solid foundations laid by last year s excellent Frying On This Rock, they went back to BC Studios, Brooklyn to record once more with Martin Bisi. After the deconditioning and deprogramming blast of electronic noise which is InWords, the album opens properly with the call to arms, In Your Room a skyscraper razing slab of Mudhoney strength mantra metal, which bids you abandon all doubt and fear so you can start your quest into inner space. For tuned in, turned on heads there is The Internal Monologue , an ecstatic shivering sliver of celestial acidic drone followed by the post-Hawkwind, post Loop transmission of So You Are... So You ll Be . There is more computerised deprogramming via OutWords before White Hills command that you cower before the altar of the Stoogian proto-riff, the holy Ur-riff, the mind warping, silver machine-tooled hyper riff, that is Forever In Space (Enlightened) . But after this cataclysmic shock, there is barely time to process what just happened before you are lowered into the howling lysergic swamp rock of Rare Upon The Earth with only the echoing synthesized landscape of Circulating offering some respite. The album builds effortlessly to the sumptuous MIST (Winter) which features a John Carpenter synth line engine inserted into glistening La Dusseldorf chassis, forming some kind of god-like chariot. In their eight-year history that has seen the release of seven studio albums and countless collaborations, split albums, EPs, live CDs, tour only singles, 7 s, limited edition CDrs and other spin offs, this is White Hills finest achievement to date... and that s saying something. But this in turn says something about Dave W s need to keep on bettering what he has already achieved. He certainly answered his calling - to boldly lead the faithful into the furthest and most uncharted reaches of cosmic rock. Since then they have gone on to set the international gold standard in what it means to be a space rock band in the 21st Century. But perhaps it s best to let Dave himself explain what space rock actually means to him: Heavy psychedelic music can deliver the thinking mind through a door to the greater universe. I want people to find a space for meditation. We all are constantly barraged and beaten down with a lot of bullsh!t today. Personally, I find that spaced-out extreme music transports me to a very tranquil place. I hope, more than anything, our music brings others to that place of enlightenment and ecstasy."

Additional Information

Artist White Hills
Track Listing 1 In Words - :24 2 In Your Room - 5:49 3 The Internal Monologue - 5:30 4 So You Are... So You'll Be - 7:27 5 Out Words - :54 6 Forever In Space (Enlightened) - 7:54 7 Rare Upon the Earth - 7:23 8 Circulating - 1:40 9 Mist (Winter - 6:51

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