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Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

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Tallest Man On Earth

Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird

12" LP

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The Tallest Man on Earth released The Wild Hunt this past April, and the album found its way into the hearts of fans everywhere. The connection that the Tallest Man on Earth (aka songwriter Kristian Matsson) has with his fans is a sight to behold he has performed around the world, at clubs and festivals, and the bond between Matsson and his audience is breathtaking. Matsson is the rarest of performers, charismatic and captivating, and his passion for performance bleeds through every single time he takes the stage.


Sweden’s Kristian Matsson, aka the Tallest Man on Earth, keeps it sparse with a summertime EP of fingerpicked acoustic guitar and vocals, written on the road just after the release of The Wild Hunt. Comparisons to a young Bob Dylan are common, and in a rustic, intimate setting such as this, the similarities are hard to ignore. Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird, Matsson's quietest EP, demonstrates just how powerful a man can be alone with a guitar and a voice. “Little River” and “Thrown at Me” find him at his most near and dear, further validating that there is no need for added frills when someone can perform this tender-heartedly. For a change of pace, there's "The Dreamer," where Matsson trades in his acoustic for an electric, plugged into a reverby amp, without ever breaking from his austere style.

Additional Information

Artist Tallest Man On Earth
Track Listing 1 Little River - 3:45 2 The Dreamer - 4:05 3 Like the Wheel - 3:28 4 Tangle in This Trampled Wheat - 3:03 5 Thrown Right at Me - 2:59

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