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Trans Am


12" LP

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True artists find a voice and know how far they can stretch its ability to communicate. Trans Am have done just that with instrumental rock which relies on synthesizers almost as much as techno does. They can be at one moment abrasively digital, then quietly ambient by the end of the track. Such vacillation could be overly ambitious for many groups, but Trans Am manages to pull it off in a way that makes you think the song could have gone nowhere else. By working a contrasting harsh delivery and tranquil coda into a single piece naturally, Trans Am prove themselves deft masters of their craft.


1998 : Trans Am's third studio album The Surveillance is released. Out of print on vinyl for years we are happy to finally offer it again. Pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and including all original artwork - a fully artworked inner sleeve and for the first time a download coupon! The Surveillance was the first record recorded and mixed entirely by the band. At the time their home studio, the Bridge, had taken several months to build. The Surveillance was to take an equal amount of time as the band labored hard to give the recording what they call ''a dangerous quality''. What is dangerous to Trans Am? It is no noise reduction, no digital tape compression, and no computer aided editing. Instead they relied on live performances, hours of hard work, hands-on mixing, careful microphone placement, and, to quote the band, ''faith in their experimental vision.'' The results are raw, sparse electronic breaks mixed with diesel-powered rock and roll. Trans Am put it in more masculine terms ''balls-to-the-wall-rockers'', which perhaps better capture not only the sound but the intent.

Additional Information

Artist Trans Am
Track Listing 1 Armed Response - 4:21 2 Prowler '97 - 4:30 3 The Campaign - 5:14 4 Access Control - 4:09 5 Endgame - 1:17 6 E.S.I. - 1:06 7 Home Security - 4:08 8 Extreme Measures - 3:49 9 Shadow Boogie - 1:46 10 Stereo Situation - 5:41

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