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The Sound Of Everything

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The Sound Of Everything

12" LP

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Born out of late-night graveyard experimentation, Seattle's Thousands is comprised of guitarists/vocalists Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman. The Sound of Everything, the duo's stark and original spin on modern folk music is one of the most gentle and serene recordings you're likely to ever hear. The band's debut album is solely voices, guitars, and an array of environmental sounds -- birds, leaves, wind -- intentionally recorded along with the songs and untouched. Each recorded live in one take, the songs on the album provide a musical snapshot of a moment in time, a picture postcard of the world as it was where and when Garrard and Bergman recorded each of these 11 songs. The two drove tirelessly across the Pacific Northwest searching for recording locations, settling on an abandoned silo, a barn and a riverbank as the perfect natural studios. Originally brought to the attention of Bella Union by Fleet Foxes' Sky Skjelset, Thousands have managed to fit the sound of everything cozily in between two headphones.


From its gentle start with "MTSES III," calm acoustic guitar and soft harmonizing, Thousands are not out to orgiastically feast on the blood of their enemies. At least, not directly. "Big Black Road," possessed of a stately, moving melody from the start, is what first gives a sense of something beyond gentle polite sonic worship -- within sounding like, say, Nick Drake or Elliott Smith, the light voices and conversational feel of Kristian Gerrard and Luke Bergman come across as expressing the feeling of someone trying to persuade while not being fully sure himself. But it's not all that through The Sound of Everything, as the quick and sprightly "Everything Turned Upside Down" and "To Save the Truth" show, among others. But the sense of close tenderness instead of rollicking singalong remains paramount in the end. Sometimes it's all down to a moment -- the extended instrumental coda to "Red Seagulls," a piece of deliberate, almost hesitating playing after a huge initial rush, is enjoyable in this regard. A further sense of expectant hush is added by the opening harmonium on the title track, not to mention the very heavily echoed vocals, yet again their easy, sweet way of singing turns it into something more soothing than startling.

Additional Information

Artist Thousands
Track Listing 1 Mtses Iii - 3:14 2 Big Black Road - 4:24 3 Red Seagulls - 3:39 4 At the Edges - 2:09 5 Everything Turned Upside Down - 4:03 6 The Sound of Everything - 4:54 7 Sun Cuz - 3:33 8 To Save the Truth - 4:53 9 Love Won't Come - 4:34 10 Must Be Born Again - 3:28 11 We Don't Tell - 3:52 12 On and On - 2:36

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