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Theater Is Evil

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Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra

Theater Is Evil

12" LP

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Funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised over a million dollars, post-punk cabaret ringmaster Amanda Palmer's first outing since 2008's Who Killed Amanda Palmer is bursting at the corset seams with the kind of feral yet laser focused energy that can only come from someone with the moxie to list themselves in the credits with the word "f***ing" in between their first and last name. Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra build Theatre Is Evil on a foundation of retro-neon concrete (the 1984 Robin Williams, Soviet-era comedy Moscow on the Hudson is referenced at one point) with delinquent panache, giving nods to 'Til Tuesday and Kate Bush ("The Killing Type"), David Bowie ("Grown Man Cry"), the Knack ("Melody Dean"), and even Alphaville (the intro to "Want It Back" threatens to explode into "Forever Young" before morphing into a summery, upbeat radio jam that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Cars' Candy-O). The band then skips ahead a decade on the beautiful, string-laden epic "Trout Mask Replica," which recalls Tori Amos as filtered through Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness-era Smashing Pumpkins. While all of the comparisons are apt, they merely delineate the project; they don't define it, as Palmer has proven time and again, both as a solo artist and fronting the Dresden Dolls, that she's a wily and innovative, albeit divisive, force of nature, and Theatre Is Evil bristles, crackles, aches, and moans with surprising efficiency considering its 15-song length, pairing fractured synths and staccato guitar riffs with Palmer's throaty, untamed pipes, sounding for all the world like a brazenly cool, alternate-universe version of No Doubt.


Singer, songwriter, piano-slayer and super blogger Amanda Palmer is preparing to release her first new studio album in four years, in conjunction with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, featuring Michael McQuilken, Chad Raines, and Jherek Bishoff. Entitled THEATRE IS EVIL, the album was recently recorded in Melbourne with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Murder By Death, Modest Mouse, Xiu Xiu). Palmer and GTO will embark on a six-city summer tour, unveiling the new album as a series of intimate performances alongside a dynamic visual art exhibit featuring thirty contemporary artists including Francis Bean Cobain, Shepard Fairey, Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), David Mack, and Cynthia Von Buhler. Arguably her most pop-influenced album yet, THEATRE IS EVIL showcases Amanda's powerful vocals and talented songwriting in ways that might purprise even her most ardent fans. Written over the course of several years (since the release of her last studio album, WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER), the album offers a collection of sounds and rhythms heavily influenced by the music Palmer grew up listening to - most notably 80's synth rock and Brit Pop. True to form, the undispted queen of crowd-sourcing and fan engagement enlisted her community of loyal supporters to launch her ambitious global release, selling nearly 25,000 copies of her new album in multiple formats via Kickstarter, along with a variety of unique merch items including hand-painted turntables, two different coffee table art books featuring art from the group exhibit, and numerous Amanda Palmer experiences. All told, Palmer's pre-sales have already earned the artist over $1 million, garnering accolades from the likes of Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, and The Economist.

Additional Information

Artist Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra
Track Listing 1 Meow Meow Introduces the Grand Theft Orchestra - :18 2 Smile (Pictures or It Didn't Happen) - 6:27 3 The Killing Type - 4:29 4 Do It with a Rockstar - 4:25 5 Want It Back - 4:09 6 Grown Man Cry - 5:16 7 Trout Heart Replica - 7:09 8 A Grand Theft Intermission - 2:07 9 Lost - 4:31 10 Bottom Feeder - 6:12 11 The Bed Song - 6:07 12 Massachusetts Avenue - 4:40 13 Melody Dean - 4:02 14 Berlin - 7:17 15 Olly Olly Oxen Free - 4:06

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