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To Win Or To Lose

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Pine HIll Haints

To Win Or To Lose

12" LP

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Their second release for K reflects the new age of darkness that has recently hit the global mass market. This record has fast songs about living and self-destruction, songs about natural disaster, public domain dance music, and tales of those who walk the streets, sleep in dumpsters or cars, or who jump trains.


Who said washboards and washtubs don't belong in rock? Continuing to add the hillbilly to rockabilly, the Pine Hill Haints fine-tune their junkyard sound while taking a slightly darker turn on their second album for K Records, To Win or to Lose. Lyrically, the songs often follow the travels of folks who are down on their luck -- specifically hobos, vagabonds, and dumpster divers -- but despite depressing undertones, the record still manages to be mostly upbeat. Heck, It's not easy to hold a frown in the middle of a fiddle-sawing, banjo-plucking hoedown. Like their previous efforts, the Haints mix up bluegrass, honky tonk, Americana, and bluesy shuffles here, but this time they take things a step further and explore new ground. "Bordello Blackwidow" takes calypso inspiration from Harry Belafonte, and Jamie Barrier and his gang even try their hand at two traditional covers, letting loose some "yeehaws!" on Woody Guthrie's outlaw country ballad "The Ranger's Command" and attempting to sing in French (albeit filtered through a slackjaw twang) in "Je Passe Devant Ta Porte." A few moments could be considered overly self-indulgent, but even if the record loses its way a few times, for the most part, it's a solid effort. When the down-home boys and girls keep their chins up and stick to their roots, things really cook. "Charley Horse" is a sh*t-kickin', boot-stompin' jamboree, and "Never Cry" is a spirited romp that's catchy enough to please fans of both new-fangled modern music and old-time rock & roll.

Additional Information

Artist Pine HIll Haints
Track Listing 1 Intro - 2:13 2 Not So Lucky and the Invisible Kid - 1:51 3 Charley Horse - :59 4 Borello Blackwindow - 2:17 5 Scar - 1:59 6 Halloween-Time All the Time - 2:57 7 Never Cry - 5:03 8 Revenge of the Spider-Web Boy - 4:45 9 Je Passe Devant Ta Porte - 1:38 10 Never Gonna Die - 3:09 11 My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again - 2:08 12 How Much Poison Does It Take - 2:38 13 The Ranger's Command - 2:55 14 Screaming Jenny - 2:27 15 Doublehead - 4:25 16 You Are My Thief - 3:09

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