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Wagon Christ


12" LP

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The one and only Luke Vibert returns to the fray under his most celebrated and wondrous moniker, Wagon Christ (to clarify, he is not under a wagon. Nor on one. Nor is he, strictly speaking, Christ, though we can't rule out his messianic status). The king of stoned exotica, ridiculous vocal samples, toothsome puns, swinging rhythm and the psychedelic groove, Vibert has never been one to take himself too seriously, but his music continues to delight.


Keeping the flag raised for sampladelic techno the way it used to be made in the late '90s and early 2000s (especially helpful for anyone still waiting on that second Avalanches LP), Luke Vibert's Wagon Christ project returned on Toomorrow. Listeners curious about potential detours through indie folk or British neo-soul obviously haven't been paying attention for the past two decades; Vibert has a script with his Wagon Christ records, and he sticks with it here. Beginning with an ace double-shot of sampladelic madness ("Introfunktion" and the title track), Vibert has many of the usual tricks up his sleeve: a storm of acid techno for "Manalyze This!," a loose-limbed and funky midtempo jaunt on "Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother," and plentiful other sounds cooked up in his long-running music lab. This is his third Wagon Christ LP for Ninja Tune (although the first two were seven and ten years earlier, respectively), and for older fans, hearing all these hallmarks of Vibert's production technique yet again might make for snoozy listening when compared to his classic Throbbing Pouch (especially when the record gets progressively less lively as it goes along). Still, it's important to recognize that this nicely outpaces the other sampladelic electronica being produced in the 2010s.

Additional Information

Artist Wagon Christ
Track Listing 1. Introfunktion 2. Toomorrow 3. Manalyze This! 4. Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother 5. Accordian McShane 6. My Lonely Scene 7. Respectrum 8. Rennie Codgers 9. Oh, I'm Tired 10. Wakeup 11. Lazer Dick 12. Sentimental Hardcore 13. Chunkothy 14. Harmoney 15. Mr. Mukatsuku

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