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Total Pop! Swedish DIY Punk and Mod 1977-1981

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Various Artists

Total Pop! Swedish DIY Punk and Mod 1977-1981

12" LP

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Numbered, limited to 333


The release of yet another compilation LP collecting songs from nearly forgotten Swedish punk records from the late 70s/early 80s is cause for celebration among the very small subset of people who love Swedish punk but not enough to throw down the kronar needed to obtain original records. The pressing size of 333 copies on the “Total-Pop!” LP might actually be ambitious in this regard. Nevertheless, even those who don’t think Swedish punk is the bee’s knees might find merit in this compilation, which stays well within the not-so-shit-fi territory of Swedish punk, veering toward powerpop on quite a few of the selections. If you’ve already got the three volumes of “Bloodstains Across Sweden,” this comp will fill in some of the gaps. None of the songs herein will change your life, but none really sucks either. I have already written extensively about Swedish punk rock in Maximum Rocknroll, so I won’t rehash any of my brilliant analysis, but you can read it here and here. Instead, I'll go through this compilation song by song. Here's what I got out of Total Pop, which has good liner notes (from which I have poached liberally in what follows) and a homemade xerox-music aesthetic for the sleeve:

Additional Information

Artist Various Artists
Track Listing A1 H S Art – Vattenplask A2 Badboll – Valen A3 Knugens Håf – Du Ar Inte Ensam A4 Anders Ångest – Just När Allt Är Så Roligt A5 Container (2) – Livet Stinker A6 Traste & Superstararna – Pengar A7 Rock Set – Piteå Kommun B1 Rebell (5) – 100 År B2 Tant Brun – Nej Nej Nej Nej B3 Mops, The (2) – Dina Svarta Ögon B4 ABC 80s – Pop I Radion B5 Vertex, The – Fell In Love B6 Pictures (3) – Kicks & Tips B7 Docent Död – Solglasoögon

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